Havana Restaurants


Sangri La – Havana, Cuba

Sangri La Club & Restaurant – Havana, Cuba

Sangri La is a great restaurant and club in Havana, Cuba. They provide great Havana Nightlife, Havana Live Entertainment, Havana DJ’s & Dining in Havana


La Fontana Restaurant & Lounge – Havana, Cuba

La Fontana Restaurant & Lounge – Havana, Cuba

The bar and lounge welcomes visitors until 6 am. Eclectic style, air-conditioned and seating according to customer preference. Excellent choices which also include Cuban cigars, cuisine and wine list of the highest quality,


Espacios Restaurant – Havana, Cuba

Espacios Restaurant – Havana, Cuba

Espacios Restaurant and lounge is located in Havana, Cuba. This cozy restaurant and club is a great spot to enjoy dinner and drinks on the patio. With it’s large outdoor patio and massive outdoor grill area complete with BBQ chef you are guaranteed a great meal in comfortable surroundings every time. If you prefer more intimate surroundings sit indoors in their cozy dining room and enjoy the fine Cuban food that Espacios is famous for. Attentive staff, good music, good food and good friends is what Espacios is all about. This wonderful restaurant is located right next door to the Russian embassy.


Mio y Tulio Restaurant – Havana, Cuba